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Address of the Investigative Committee
46/5 Mamikonyants, Yerevan+374(11) 880-151


Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia develops bilateral cooperation with Investigative Committees of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus 18.10.2017
The Chairman of RA Investigative Committee and RA Ombudsman signed a memorandum
Tribute to memory of innocent victims of Armenian Genocide; RA IC Chairman and IC employees visited Tsitsernakaberd

The Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Aghvan Hovsepyan and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Islamic Republic of Iran Naser Seraj signed a memorandum of understanding 13.07.2016
Solemn board session of the RA Investigative Committee devoted to the third anniversary of formation of IC was held; a number of employees received state and administrative awards 09.10.2017
RA IC Chairman Aghvan Hovsepyan’s working visit to IRI 23-28.12.16

Diplomas given to candidates of investigators trained in Academy of Justice
By the order of Chairman of RA Investigative Committee Head of OSCE Office in Yerevan Andrey Sorokin awarded with “Cooperation Medal”
best subdivision, best investigator

Solemn session dedicated to the RA Investigative Officer’s Day