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Address of the Investigative Committee
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Chairman of RA Investigative Committee Aghvan Hovsepyan received EC Director for Human Rights Christos Giakoumopoulos (Photos)

22.11.2016 18:42

The Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee today received the Director for Human Rights of Council of Europe Christos Giakoumopoulos.

The Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee presented the steps taken during the formation of the Investigative Committee, priorities, principles which underlie the work organization, as well as activities implemented in the context of protection of human rights in the framework of the criminal cases investigated in the proceeding of the Investigative Committee. Though only two years have passed since the Investigative Committee was formed activities of great volume have already been performed to raise the efficiency and quality of organization of investigation, program for digitalization of criminal cases, electronic preliminary investigation have been worked out and introduced which are innovation not only for Armenia, but also for CIS and a number of European countries the investigative bodies of which do not possess such programs.

Mr. Giakoumopoulos highly assessed the initiative of the Investigative Committee to use IT innovations during preliminary investigation and its results, he expressed willingness to add additional components in the program of electronic preliminary investigation to introduce the international standards for protection of human rights.  

The guests expressed their gratitude for efficient cooperation with the Investigative Committee and, highly assessing the results of two years’ cooperation directed to development of investigators’ skills, assured that it will be continuous.  

EC representative presented the new project for strengthening the application of European standards of human rights in the RA Armed Forces for the next two years in the framework of which it is planned to involve the General Military Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee, as well.  

The meeting was conducted in a friendly atmosphere. The parties agreed not only to continue the cooperation in the projects which are already developed but also to hold discussions in working order to outline new directions.

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