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Brief information on three years' activity of Disciplinary Commission

01.12.2017 13:23

The Disciplinary Commission of the RA Investigative Committee was formed in the order defined by the RA Law “On RA Investigative Committee” and is an independent body.

The Disciplinary Commission consists of 8 members 4 of which are employees of the RA Investigative Committee, 4 are from other departments (two representatives appointed by the RA President and two appointed by the RA Prime Minister).

The RA IC Disciplinary Commission is unique in its sphere for it is interdepartmental and has a quite high level of independence.

It is meant to provide the independence and right protection of the employee of the Committee, to prevent the possibility of subjection to ungrounded disciplinary liability, to contribute to strengthening the service discipline, to prevent the disciplinary violations and their causes.  

The Commission discusses the motions on disciplinary proceeding, gives conclusions, makes procedural and substantive decisions and is competent to reject the motions on initiating a disciplinary proceeding or to acquit the employees of the Committee in case a proceeding is initiated, as well as to initiate a disciplinary proceeding by its own initiative.

From 2014 to 2017 124 motions on initiating disciplinary proceeding were submitted to the Disciplinary Commission of the RA Investigative Committee 108 of which by the RA IC Chairman, 16 by the members of the Commission. 120 of the mentioned 124 motions were sufficed and a disciplinary proceeding was initiated in the result of which the availability of violation in the actions of 91 IC employees was confirmed and 31 employees were acquitted.  

The bases of initiating a disciplinary proceeding are the results of preliminary examinations conducted in the Department of Internal Security of the RA Investigative Committee. Pursuant to examinations motions on alleged disciplinary offences by the IC employee were submitted in the Investigative Committee by citizens, heads of territorial subdivisions of the Investigative Committee, prosecutors. Moreover, most of the motions were submitted by prosecutors most of which were not confirmed. From 2014 to 2017 236 motions in total were received from different subdivisions of the RA Prosecution Office 97 of which or 41.1% in 2017. Only 9 of 97 motions submitted in 2017 that is 3.8% were considered grounded.

Disciplinary Commission contributes to increasing of investigators' sense of responsibility, prevention of corruption cases, as well as to displaying a behavior appropriate for public officials, it regulates some rules of disciplinary behavior of investigators through its decisions.

The activity of the RA IC Disciplinary Commission is public and transparent. From 2014 to 2017 two collections of Disciplinary Commission decisions were published the electronic version of which is inserted in the official website of the RA Investigative Committee.

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