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During Investigation of Criminal Case Investigated on Illegal Adoption of Children by Foreigners no Child Adopted in Other Countries Returned to Republic of Armenia

17.01.2020 13:20

Taking public interest into consideration towards the criminal case investigated in the Department of Investigation of Crimes on Human Trafficking, against Sexual Immunity of Juveniles and Illegal Turnover of Drugs on illegal adoption of children by foreigners we inform that during the investigation of the criminal case no child adopted in other countries was returned to the Republic of Armenia.

Moreover, in the framework of the criminal case genetic (DNA) examination against the adopted children or their biological parents has not been commissioned yet.

In response to concerns expressed by international organizations involved in the process of children’s adoption we inform that the investigative body has never released information about illegalities committed by international organizations in this process, as well as about organizing children’s adoption for illegal sale of organs.  

The investigative body has hitherto released information about apparent illegal acts committed at the area of the Republic of Armenia by several persons and structures involved in the process of adoption without violating the permissible limits of the information to be published.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that all those citizens who provide Mass Media with information about the mentioned process, can share the mentioned information also with the investigative body to make it a subject of investigation.

We also inform that data of applicants as well as adopted children and their parents are not subject to publication and are secret of preliminary investigation.



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