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Structural Changes in RA Investigative Committee

12.09.2019 17:18

The draft of amendments in RA Government’s decision N 522-Ա dated April 26, 2018 was adopted today at RA Government's session.

The draft provides structural changes in subdivisions of the Investigative Committee in a way of merger, separation conditioned by functional changes as well as nomenclature and staff changes.

Organizational-Analytical and Criminological General Department of Special Tasks is planned to be formed in the Investigative Committee. Besides, it is planned to separate a new unit from the Department of Investigation of Corruption-Related Crimes, Crimes against Property and Cybercrimes of General Department of Investigation of Particularly Important Cases and to form a Department of Investigation of Cybercrime and High Technology Crime conditioned with functional changes.

It is also planned to rename the Department of Investigation of Crimes on Human Trafficking and Illegal Turnover of Drugs of General Investigative Department as Department of Investigation of Crimes on Human Trafficking, against Sexual Immunity of Juveniles and Illegal Turnover of Drugs.

The mentioned change is the concentration of cases on crimes against sexual immunity of juveniles in one subdivision as well as conduction of investigation of the mentioned cases by specialized investigators which will contribute to enhancement of efficiency of preliminary investigation.

Adoption of draft of amendments in RA Government’s decision N 522-Ա dated April 26, 2018 is conditioned with efficient organization of the activity of the RA Investigative Committee, particularly it is directed to provide investigators with equal workload and to enhance the efficiency of activity of some subdivisions, to form sub-units for performance of separate functions.

The number of criminal cases as well as functions of several subdivisions was studied in the Investigative Committee and staff list changes were planned taking into consideration investigators' workload in 2017 and 2018 on an annual basis.



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