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Initiation of Criminal Case on Three Materials with Apparent Electoral Breaches Recorded during Elections of Local Self-Government Bodies Rejected

25.10.2018 10:59

Three reports on apparent electoral breaches recorded during elections of local self-government bodies held in 49 communities of 9 provinces on October 21, 2018 were received in territorial subdivisions of the RA Investigative Committee.

On October 23 a decision was made to reject initiation of criminal cases on the mentioned three materials based on absence of crime.

During preparation of materials the article entitled “Helper Entered Voting Booth in Precinct N 26/14, Voted for Him as well as for Person Needing Help” published in “Hetq.am” was examined.

During preparation of materials the resident of Hrazdan explained that he lived in the same house together with his uncle’s family. He told that his uncle had had eyesight and hearing problem since childhood and asked him to help him vote for the candidate he had mentioned.

The article entitled “Hrazdan Mayor Candidate Votes instead of Another Person” published in “Armlur.am” was examined, as well.

During preparation of materials on the mentioned case in Kotayk Regional Investigative Department, in addition to others the candidate of Hrazdan community head Levon Stepanyan also gave explanations and told that in order to fulfill his civil duty he went to precinct N 26/1 with his grandmother. As his grandmother had eyesight problem and could not fill in the ballot paper herself, they turned to the head of electoral commission of precinct N 26/1 and being registered as a helping person he got opportunity to help his grandmother and voted.

The report of the head of precinct N 28/04 was also examined. According to the report the voting citizen had taken photo of the ballot paper filled by him. During preparation of materials the mentioned citizen explained that he had not mercenary goal and he had taken photo of the ballot paper to show his wife. The citizen removed the photo after he had been asked about it in the precinct.



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