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Excluded that in RA any Citizen not to be Subjected to Liability if There are Sufficient Legal Bases for Criminal Liability; RA Prime Minister Congratulated IC Employees on Occasion of Professional Holiday (photos)

08.10.2018 17:35

Solemn session dedicated to the Day of the Employee of the Investigative Committee was held today at the RA Investigative Committee. RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was present at the session.

RA Prime Minister congratulated the employees of the Investigative Committee on the occasion of professional holiday, wished stableness in their work and success in administration of justice and legality.

“It should not be hidden that in Armenia the relations between the law enforcement bodies and public have passed through hard period. I am confident that we enter a completely new stage where the long period of tense relations will be replaced by an important stage of establishment of new relations, cooperation and mutual confidence because I consider it problem when there is no cooperation between the public and law enforcement, investigative bodies in the country.  It is the first and the most important precondition for illegalities in the country. It is evident that we have had that stage and we even know its reasons. It’s another question how much those reasons can be acceptable. However, we know the reasons and today we can record that those reasons have been abolished”, said Nikol Pashinyan.

As the Government’s Head said the procedure of making the relations between public and investigative bodies become closer should be accelerated. He stated that is has already started.

“I am aware that the investigative bodies have been working very hard for the last 5 months because of known circumstances. And I would like to thank you for that work, to thank you that you do not avoid doing that work and you realize the situation.  I think it is related to your professional willingness, as well, also to the fact when during investigatory procedure there are not political interventions, moreover they are excluded. That is, it is excluded that any citizen in the Republic of Armeniա will not be subjected to criminal liability if there are sufficient bases for subjecting him to criminal liability. It is excluded that the innocent citizen will be prosecuted because of political or any other intervention. And I am sure that sphere exists today”, mentioned the Prime Minister.

During the solemn session the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Hayk Grigoryan presented the steps taken to enhance the quality and efficiency of pretrial proceeding, to disclose the crimes within the criminal cases investigated in the proceeding of the Investigative Committee, to protect the rights and legal interests of citizens affected by crime, to assist the administration of justice in the country, as well as the issues in the sphere. 

“During the 9 months of 2018 the RA Investigative Committee was overloaded; 19.520 criminal cases were investigated in the investigators’ proceeding which has increased in 4.104 or 26.6% as compared with the same period of the previous year. Moreover, 41% of the criminal cases were investigated from July 10 to October 10, 2018. The average load of one investigator was 46 criminal cases. It is the highest index in all CIS states. Besides, about three dozens of investigators of the Investigative Committee were sent to other investigative bodies – Special Investigatory Service, Investigative Department of National Security Service and were involved in the investigation in their proceeding.

I must state that in the context of unprecedented increase of criminal cases the high productivity level was not only maintained but also grew; as compared with the same period of the previous year the number of completed cases has increased in 2347. During 9 months preliminary investigation of 6390 criminal cases was completed 2176 or 34.1% of which was completed in the third quarter. These statistical data show that the employees of the RA Investigative Committee did not spare energy and effort to complete preliminary investigation as soon as possible thus not causing unnecessary inconveniences to citizens”, Hayk Grigoryan said.

In his speech the RA IC Chairman referred to fight against corruption-related crimes emphasizing that it was tasked by him to make summaries on corruption-related crimes on weekly bases by spheres.

“If we briefly sum up the results of preliminary investigation of criminal cases on corruption-related crimes in 9 months of 2018 we can say that corruption manifestations were disclosed in the most different spheres of state government. Particularly, hundreds of criminal cases were initiated on abuses committed by employees, heads and officials of schools, preschool institutions, higher educational institutions, medical centers, social service and Armenian Post, companies engaged in technical inspection of cars, nature protection and “Hayantar” SNCO.

In the framework of the mentioned criminal cases charges were pressed against school headmasters, heads of health care employees, local self-government bodies, employees of territorial agency of social assistance, “Haypost” CJSC, Ministry of Nature Protection, officials, foresters of “Hayantar” SNCO and so on.

According to study of criminal cases the abuses were massive and the state was caused property damage in particularly large amount and the investigation is constantly focused on the steps taken to restore them”, declared the RA IC Chairman Hayk Grigoryan.

Through Prime Minister N. Pashinyan’s mediation a number of employees of the Investigative Committee were awarded on the occasion of the Day of the Employee of the Investigative Committee for contribution in strengthening the legal order and legitimacy. Particularly, the Head of Yerevan Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee John Farkhoyan and Deputy Head of General Military Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee Gagik Mayilyan were awarded medal of “Mkhitar Gosh”. Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee Artur Ghambaryan was granted an honorable title “Honored Lawyer of RA”. Deputy Head of Department of Investigation of Corruption-Related Crimes, Crimes against Property and Cybercrimes of General Department of Investigation of Particularly Important Cases of the Investigative Committee Rafayel Vardanyan was awarded Prime Minister’s Acknowledgement Letter, Deputy Head of Yerevan Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee Aharon Nersisyan and the Head of Kotayk Regional Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee Mher Vardanyan were awarded RA Prime Minister’s commemorative medal.

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