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Information on Criminal Proceedings Investigated in the RA Investigative Committee in 2022 on Crimes Committed against Minors

13.02.2023 12:31

In 2022 545 criminal proceedings on crimes committed against minors have been investigated in the proceeding of the RA Investigative Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) out of which

66 has been completed with a bill if indictment and on 73 persons have been sent to court, proceeding of 188 criminal proceedings have been terminated 119 of which on rehabilitative, 69 – on non-rehabilitative base, 29 criminal proceedings have been suspended based on the Article 31 of the RA former Criminal Procedure Code. 15 criminal proceedings have been sent according to subordination, 17 proceedings have been combined, 229 criminal proceedings have passed to January, 2023.

One of the proceedings sent to court has been on murder, 3 – on infliction of heavy damage to health, 1 – on infliction of damage of medium gravity to health, 3 – on kidnapping, 11 – violent sexual actions, 2 – on sexual acts with a person under 16, 5 – on lecherous acts, 4 – on physical impact, 2 – on causing strong physical pain or strong mental sufferance, 3 – on avoiding paying alimony, 31 – on other crimes.

33 of 73 of the accused within proceedings sent to court have been the family members of the minor victim, 4 - employees of educational institutions. The other crimes have been committed by other people.

Criminal prosecution has not been conducted on rehabilitative bases or criminal prosecution has been terminated against 77 persons.

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