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During pretrial proceeding investigators must be independent and make decisions by themselves within criminal cases in their proceeding, Aghvan Hovsepyan (Photos)

24.03.2017 19:41

The RA Investigative Committee Aghvan Hovsepyan today held a working meeting in Aragatsotn Regional Investigative Department, heads of territorial subdivisions, investigators took part in it.

The results and shortcomings of the work carried out by the department were discussed during the meeting. In general assessing the steps taken to raise the quality and efficiency of investigation positively, conduction of preliminary investigation of criminal cases in reasonable terms, provision of objective and comprehensive investigation and investigator’s independence during investigation of criminal cases were highlighted.  

“Organization and conduction of pretrial proceeding is assigned to investigative bodies by RA Constitution, it is the duty of investigative subdivisions with its authorities and responsibility”, said the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Aghvan Hovsepyan.  

The IC Chairman mentioned that the efficiency, disclosure of crimes can be provided by extra departmental, independent investigative body where the investigators are independent during the investigation of criminal cases in their proceeding.

“Raising the investigation quality is not a desire but it is our duty. The Investigative Committee was created for that purpose. Our task is to have independent investigators who are able to make decisions by themselves within criminal cases investigated in their proceeding”, emphasized A. Hovsepyan.

Highlighting the efficient prosecutorial supervision during preliminary investigation, proper control by administrative heads, the IC Chairman emphasized that investigators’ subordination to the heads must be limited within administration. “Administrative heads shall provide the investigators’ independence, subordination to heads must be only within administration and during proceedings the investigators must be independent, must be able to make decisions by themselves”. 

On the base of the meeting results the heads of regional subdivisions of Aragatsotn were given specific instructions to raise the efficiency of pretrial proceedings. 

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