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Banditry in Gyumri; spouses assaulted with a knife and axe

04.12.2015 10:08

On December 3, 2015 from 10:30 to 11:00 banditry was committed against Bezikyan spouses in Gyumri.

According to initial data the masked persons armed with knives and axes, entered the apartment of Bezikyan spouses, stabbed the husband then tied his and his wife’s hands with an adhesive tape, thread and headkerchief.

The persons having committed the apparent crime threatening to use violence dangerous for the spouses’ life stole golden jewelry, money and escaped. Damage of about 3 million 500 thousand AMD was inflicted to the spouses.

A criminal case was initiated in Shirak Regional Investigative Department according to the Point 1 of the Part 3 of the Article 175 of RA Criminal Code (banditry committed with the purpose of theft in particularly large amount).

An investigatory plan has been worked out, necessary investigatory actions are conducted to identify the persons having committed the apparent crime.

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