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Department Heads Directly Responsible for Efficiency of Organization of Preliminary Investigation; IC Chairman Left for Armavir Province on Working Visit

26.07.2018 21:01

The Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Hayk Grigoryan today left for Armavir province on working visit to get acquainted with working conditions and problems.

Pursuant to study of work carried out by the bodies and subdivisions of the RA Investigative Committee Armavir Regional Investigative Department is the most overloaded; the investigator’s average load is 31 criminal cases. As of July 26, there are 323 criminal cases in the proceeding of the department 117 of which are investigated in the proceeding of Armavir Regional Investigative Department, 206 – in Vagharshapat Investigative Division.  

RA IC Chairman studied the reasons on the spot and gave specific instructions on organizing the work and raising the efficiency of investigation.

“At current situation unprecedented increase of criminal cases therefore investigators’ load, as well is observed. In these conditions subdivision heads should reconsider the standard methods of work organization”, the IC Chairman said instructing the heads of departments, divisions to receive criminal cases in proceeding and conduct investigation themselves, as well.  

“The heads of departments are directly responsible for efficiency of organizing preliminary investigation. It is unacceptable that 11 criminal cases are investigated by one investigator of the department and 33 criminal cases by an investigator of another division of the same department. It cannot remain without consequences. The head is not only for giving instructions. Analyses should be done periodically and appropriate steps should be taken. The head should help the overloaded investigators, for instance he should also receive criminal cases in his proceeding and conduct investigation, organize temporary business trips for investigators to more overloaded subdivisions. The role of the watcher is just unacceptable”, emphasized the IC Chairman. The latter attached importance to three significant principles for staff management – personal example, care, severe and fair punishment.

“Investigators are young men most of which has not a great experience of investigatory work and subdivision heads should serve as an example for them, the investigator should feel care but at the same time should realize that in case there are violations, failures punishment will be inevitable. Only in this case we can speak of healthy moral-psychological atmosphere which is one of the important preconditions of efficient work”, said H. Grigoryan.  

By the instruction of RA IC Chairman two investigators of Armavir Regional Investigative Department were sent to Vagharshapat Investigative Division to receive criminal cases in their proceeding and conduct investigation. Besides, the issue of transmitting the proceeding of some criminal cases on particularly grave crimes as well as more complicated cases from the point of view of investigation will be discussed.






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