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Criminal cases initiated on abuses committed by headmasters of two schools of Aragatsotn region

18.10.2017 17:09

Criminal cases initiated on abuse of official authorities committed by headmasters of primary schools after M. Ashchyan in Mughni and Lusakn community were received in Aragatsotn Regional Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee.

Pursuant to initial data, on September 3, 2015 the headmaster of “Primary School after M. Ashchyan of Mughni” SNCO of Ashtarak town formulated her relative as a guard of the mentioned school. The latter did not go to work but salary in her name was calculated and written off which was squandered.

On October 11, 2017 a criminal case was initiated in Ashtarak Division of the RA Police according to the Points 1 and 3 of the Part 2 of the Article 179 of RA Criminal Code and was sent to Aragatsotn Regional Investigative Department. The investigator of particularly important cases received it in his proceeding and necessary investigatory actions are conducted to find all circumstances.

According to materials of another received criminal case the headmaster of primary school of Lusakn community introduced unknown false information and notes in certificate logbook of primary education, in final exam records and register books when the 9th grade pupil of the same school had not been in Armenia since February, 2017, had not actually received education and had not participated in final exams. On this basis the headmaster formed and submitted a false certificate of primary education in the pupil’s name. Actual data were obtained on the allegation that the teachers of the same school helped and supported the headmaster.

On October 4, 2017 a criminal case was initiated in the Investigative Department of the RA National Security Service according to the Part 1 of the Article 308 and the Article 314 of RA Criminal Code.

On October 13 the mentioned criminal case was received in the RA IC Aragatsotn Regional Investigative Department and was received in proceeding. Investigation is conducted to provide the comprehensive, complete and objective investigation.

Note; Everyone charged with alleged crime offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.

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