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The cause of poisoning of schoolchildren in Ararat region found

22.09.2015 18:25

Preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiated on poisoning of schoolchildren in Baghramyan and Aygezard villages is ongoing in Ararat Regional Investigative Department of RA Investigative Committee. In the result of the investigatory and procedural actions conducted in the framework of the criminal case a number of circumstances were found.

It was earlier informed that on September 10, 2015 a call was received informing that 40 schoolchildren from the secondary school of Baghramyan village and 8 schoolchildren from Aygezard village with initial diagnoses of “Food poisoning” were taken to hospital of Artashat.

A criminal case was initiated in Ararat Regional Investigative Department of RA Investigative Committee according to the Points 1 and 2 of the Part 2 of the Article 279 (Manufacture or sale of goods which do not meet safety requirements for the consumers’ life or health, or illegal issuance or use of certificates of compliance with safety requirements for these goods, works or services, if this action negligently damaged the health of two or more persons).

Through inspection of the site it was found that one of the Private Entrepreneurs manufacturing bakery located in the village of Baghramyan of the region of Ararat had signed contracts with schools of Baghramyan, Aygezard and some other villages according to which it supplied them with bakery. The school of Baghramyan village was supplied with hot-dog, potato pie, cake, raisin cookie and other ones, the school of Aygezard village was supplied with potato pie, cake, raisin cookie which were sold to the schoolchildren during the break.

After a while the schoolchildren, particularly those who had bought hot-dogs and potato pies, complained of nausea and weakness and were taken to hospital of Artashat.

Through inspection of the site samples of the mentioned bakery were taken and appropriate ointments were taken from those related to cooking and selling the bakery to conduct appropriate expertise.

According to the results of the initial examination by Food Security Service of Ararat region, intestinal bacillus were found in the potato pie, raisin and other cookies which are the result of human hygiene failure.

Preliminary investigation is ongoing.

Additional information on the results of investigation will be provided.



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