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Result of Forensic Genetic Examination is of Crucial Importance in Disclosure of Crimes, Hayk Grigoryan (photos)

24.05.2019 14:18

Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Hayk Grigoryan had a speech today at the re-opening ceremony of Forensic Genetic Examination Unit of «Forensic Medical Scientific-Research Center» SNCO.

The speech of the IC Chairman is presented below;

«The investigators of the Investigative Committee have been closely cooperating with the experts of «Forensic Medical Scientific-Research Center» SNCO for about 5 years since the establishment of the RA Investigative Committee.

Any disclosure of crime is the result of efficient work of investigators, policemen and experts, as well as their cooperation.

Due to joint actions, well planned investigatory, operative-searching and expert actions any crime can be disclosed quickly.

Among forensic examinations forensic genetic examination is relatively younger; however it is impossible to imagine disclosure of crime against human life and health without the result of forensic genetic examination which is of crucial importance in disclosure of crimes.

The unit of molecule genetic examinations of the SNCO is the only one at the area of the Republic of Armenia which carries out identification examinations through DNA.

Due to results of forensic genetic examinations numerous cases of public importance such as «Permyakov's case», «Case of armed criminal group», «Bus explosion case» and others were disclosed.

However, there were cases for disclosure of which you had limited capabilities and it was conditioned by the absence of necessary equipment of new generation.

Quick disclosure of crimes is very important nowadays; identification of bodies through bones in a few hours, identification of DNA mixes, creation of DNA searching base are very important.

I am very glad for the acquisition of new equipment for the center and I am sure that from now on we will have a new quality of forensic genetic examinations.

I congratulate you on re-opening the unit, wish you productive work and new successes in the mentioned sphere".


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