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Abuses Being Massive Involved Most Various Spheres of State Government, Hayk Grigoryan; “Armenpress”

23.08.2018 18:09

Numerous cases of squandering, embezzlement of state funds have been disclosed in most different spheres of state government and the number of the criminal cases initiated gives grounds to say that the abuses have been massive. RA IC Chairman Hayk Grigoryan told the reporter of “Armenpress” about it.

Particularly, 59 criminal cases were initiated on apparent abuses committed in schools, preschool and higher education institutions, 29 criminal cases - on abuses committed in medical centers, 140 criminal cases – on abuses committed by heads or employees of local self-government bodies, 224 criminal cases – on abuses committed by the employees of “Haypost” and 170 criminal cases – on illegal tree felling.

Besides, criminal cases were also initiated on cases of apparent squandering committed by 26 companies carrying out technical inspection of cars.

RA IC Chairman said that consistent steps are taken to restore the damage caused to the state within the criminal cases investigated in the proceeding of the Investigative Committee.

As of today, there is 417 million AMD on deposit account of the Investigative Committee which has been transferred as compensation of the damage caused by the people having committed the alleged abuses. Within a number of criminal cases defendants’ property has been seized.

IC Chairman mentioned that the issue of compensation of damage caused to legal entities and individuals is also in the center of attention. The money restored in total is more than 1 billion AMD.

A review on the volume of restoration of damage caused to the state according to spheres will be presented by the Investigative Committee in forthcoming future.

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