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Prime Minister Introduced Newly Appointed IC Chairman Hayk Grigoryan to Staff of Investigative Committee (photos)

10.07.2018 21:04

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today introduced the newly appointed IC Chairman Hayk Grigoryan to the board members and staff of the Investigative Committee.

Prime Minister congratulated Hayk Grigoryan on new appointment and presented his observations on the activity of the Investigative Committee, establishment of legality in the Republic of Armenia, inevitability of punishment, fight against corruption.

Prime Minister mentioned that the Investigative Committee is the biggest investigative body of Armenia therefore its impact on criminal-legal situation, legality establishment, inevitability of punishment in case crime is committed is too great.

“We hope that in new political situation this appointment will open a new page in IC activity and IC-society relations. I think that the logic of this appointment is clear; we want efficient generation change in the political life of Armenia as well as in all spheres of state public life. This will promote to maintain, develop the existing best, including in the Investigative Committee and to remove the negative that also exists. You are informed that in current situation great importance is attached to establishment of legality, fight against crime, criminal mentality, corruption and this is a very significant process in RA public life. But we also emphasize that in these processes our task is not to fill the prisons with people at all, our task is to provide legality in the Republic of Armenia, and in the fight against corruption our task is also to restore the damage caused to the state, people to the last penny. I hope that IC with its tremendous resource, enthusiasm and sincerely will do this work”, said Nikol Pashinyan.

Prime Minister emphasized that by Hayk Grigoryan’s appointment a task has also been set to provide system stability. “We really hope that the changes which occurred in the activity and mentality of citizens will be expressed in the activity and mentality of IC investigators, as well and representatives of law enforcement bodies, in general. I think in recent years the relations between investigative bodies and public have got worse, a certain gap of distrust has emerged and I hope that in these new times an opposite process will take place. Mr. Grigoryan, You are bearing responsibility for this process and in some way for leading this process in IC part», added the head of government.

Hayk Grigoryan thanked Prime Minister for trust and emphasized. «I realize that in this historical period during our activity I am obliged to enhance periodically and continually the people's trust to law enforcement bodies on behalf of Investigative Committee. The basic principles for our work style will be transparency, strictly protection of human and citizens' fundamental freedoms».   

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