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The Armenian peasant killed by the enemy in the living-room of his house

06.02.2015 14:40

On February 5, 2015 at about 23:00 out of motives of national, race or religious hate, with the intend to deprive a person from life shots were fired from the Azeri military positions located at the Armenian-Azeri borderline in the direction of the house of the resident of the village of N. Karmiraghbyur of Tavush region Vanik Ghukasyan in the result of which the latter died of bodily injury he had sustained on the left part of his chest.

On February 6 a criminal case was initiated in Berd Investigative Division of Tavush Regional Investigative Department of RA Investigative Committee according to the Point 13 of the Part 2 of the Article 104 of RA Criminal Code.

On February 6, 2015 Vanik Ghukasyan’s wife Anahit Kamendatyan was appointed victim’s legal successor and was interrogated.

Through preliminary investigation it was found that the resident of the village N. K. of Tavush region, Vanik Ghukasyan was in the living-room of his house together with his wife. On the same day at about 23:00 Vanik Ghukasyan wanted to leave the house and opened the door of the living-room. He was about to leave the living-room when the entrance door of the ground floor was damaged by the shot fired from Azeri military bases. V. Ghukasyan received a firearm injury from the same shot on the left part of his chest and was taken to the medical center of Berd where he died without gaining consciousness.

Intensive shots went on from Azeri military bases in the direction of the victim’s house on the night of February 6. Because of it the inspection of the scene immediately after the incident was impossible. Forensic examination of the body was appointed.

Preliminary investigation is ongoing.

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