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Artur Ghambaryan reelected Head of Disciplinary Commission of RA Investigative Committee

24.11.2017 17:00

On November 24, 2017 the first session of newly formed Disciplinary Commission was held during which by majority of votes Deputy Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Artur Ghambaryan was elected Head of Commission.

The RA IC Disciplinary Commission consists of 8 members; one of them is one of Deputies Chairman of the Committee appointed by the Chairman of the Committee, 3 officials of the Committee selected through a ballot, two representatives of the Office to the President and two of the Staff of RA Government, appointed by RA President and RA Prime Minister, respectively.

The members of the Commission are appointed for three years and the new members are appointed on the day before the day of ceasing authorities of current members of the Disciplinary Commission.

On November 16, 2017 – on the day before expiration of the date of authorities of the former members of the RA IC Disciplinary Commission the RA IC Chairman had signed an order on appointing the commission members. The first session of the new commission was held today.

The aim of the Disciplinary Commission is to promote the formation of high moral standards of the official of the Committee, to strengthen the service discipline, to prevent disciplinary violations and to abolish their causes, to provide the independence of the official of the Committee and protect his rights, to prevent the possibility of subjecting the official of the Committee to groundless disciplinary liability.


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