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5 Persons Detained within Case on Creating and Managing Group with Criminal Subculture (video)

08.07.2022 14:30

In the result of large-scale investigative and procedural actions conducted, as well as relevant measures taken together with the employees of the RA National Security Service and the RA Prosecutor’s Office within the criminal proceeding on creating and managing a group with a criminal subculture by a person with the highest status of criminal rank conducted in General Department of Investigation of Particularly Important Cases of the RA Investigative Committee 5 persons, among them Suren Avetisyan known as “Pash’s son Suro Lennakanski”, Artyom Gazaryan known as “Zap’s nephew Artyom Lennakanski” and Tsolak Gevorgyan were detained.

As we have already informed, Suren Avetisyan with the highest status of criminal rank managed the group with a criminal subculture and using his illegal influence gave instructions to the members of the mentioned group to solve problems related to private issues, as well as using his authority he made decisions that do not comply with co-binding rules of behavior defined by the state.

The members of the mentioned group, receiving and carrying out Suren Avetisyan’s instructions, participated in the group with a criminal subculture as well as got involved in the realization of its aims.

Necessary measures are ongoing within the framework of the criminal proceeding to provide the comprehensive investigation of the case. Through search conducted within the necessary measures 10 hemp bushes grown in two flower pots, digital scales, more than 100 grams of yellowish mass similar to “Marijuana”, 0.37 grams of blue mass and 0.71 grams of white mass similar to narcotic drugs of “Methamphetamine” type were found in the building next to Karen Varosyan’s apartment and used as an office by Varosyan brothers.

Relevant examinations were commissioned on masses similar to narcotic drugs as well as the pistol of “Bereta” model and 8 bullets found in the result of searches.

Preliminary investigation is ongoing.

Note; Everyone charged with alleged crime offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law. 




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