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I expect the Investigative Committee to take more effective and decisive actions: Nikol Pashinyan introduced Argishti Kyaramyan to the members of the Investigative Committee’s Board

14.07.2021 12:56

Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan introduced the newly appointed Chairman of the Investigative Committee Argishti Kyaramyan to the members of the Board and the staff of the Investigative Committee.

Nikol Pashinyan thanked the former Chairman of the Investigative Committee Hayk Grigoryan for the work accomplished over the past three years. “I want to emphasize that I highly appreciate Mr. Grigoryan’s professional and human qualities and I must say that we have already said that Mr. Grigoryan’s potential will be included in the public administration system, we will discuss this issue and make a decision,” the Acting Prime Minister said.

Nikol Pashinyan congratulated Argishti Kyaramyan on his appointment as Chairman of the Investigative Committee. “After the early parliamentary elections on June 20, 2021, we are entering a new stage, and the peculiarity of this stage is as follows. The citizens of the Republic of Armenia have given a mandate to the authorities to establish the dictatorship of law in the Republic of Armenia. In the new conditions, I expect more effective actions, more decisive actions and more specific actions from the Investigative Committee to meet people’s expectations.

Of course, very important work has been done, but we must constantly strive towards ensuring the efficiency, pace and effective results of the preliminary investigation. I hope that this work will be accomplished under the leadership of Mr. Kyaramyan. I am sure that Mr. Grigoryan, with his vast experience, will assist Mr. Kyaramyan in this activity. Mr. Grigoryan, let me once again thank you for the work done and in general for your willingness to continue serving in a different status for the benefit of the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian people. Mr. Kyaramyan, I would like to wish you success in this important position,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

Hayk Grigoryan thanked the Acting Prime Minister for the opportunity and high trust. “Mr. Prime Minister, for 3 years in a row you have been standing next to the Investigative Committee on all issues, all the problems that have arisen in terms of organizational nature, providing a moral and psychological environment, social guarantees, and have always supported me and the entire staff of the Investigative Committee. There has always been a high level of trust in us and let me express my deep gratitude to you and my colleagues,” – the former Chairman of the Investigative Committee said.

Hayk Grigoryan noted that he had been working with Argishti Kyaramyan for the past 7 months and highly appreciated his personal, professional, moral and psychological qualities.

In turn, the newly appointed Chairman of the Investigative Committee Argishti Kyaramyan also expressed his gratitude to Nikol Pashinyan and the Government for trusting him this responsible position during this important period for the country. “Mr. Prime Minister, I assure you that each and every problem facing the Investigative Committee will be solved quickly, efficiently and in accordance with the letter of the law,” Argishti Karamyan said.

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