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Baby was born alive and died of mechanical suffocation; one person arrested

22.11.2017 16:36

In the framework of the criminal case investigated in Tavush Regional Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee the cause of newly born baby’s death was found out; according to the expert the baby was born alive and the cause of the death was mechanical suffocation. One person was arrested on suspicion of murder.

On September 27, 2017 at 05:10 a call was received from Berd medical center informing that the resident of the region, born in 1984, was taken to medical center. It was found that on September 27 at about 02:00 the resident of Tavush region, being 36-37 weeks pregnant, gave birth in the balcony of their house in the presence of her mother, born in 1960.

Pursuant to initial data, the baby cried after it was born then, according to explanations, it was silent after which mother of recently confined woman wrapped the child in a polyethylene bag and threw into the hole of the toilet built in the garden next to the house.

A criminal case was initiated according to the Part 1 of the Article 109 of RA Criminal Code and necessary investigatory actions were conducted to find the circumstances of the newly born baby’s death., forensic medical examinations were commissioned.

The result of forensic medical examination of the baby’s body was received according to which the baby was born alive, female, grown up and viable and was in the period of 36-38 weeks development.

“The cause of the baby’s death was mechanical suffocation which was caused by pressing the neck of the baby with a blunt, coarse item and is grounded by haemorrhages of soft tissues of neck and lower soft tissues, lung emphyzema peculiar to suffocation, interalveolar wall rupture. The injuries which were found have features of heavy damage to health at living people by which death is conditioned”, the conclusion says. According to the experts the injuries were caused in a very short period – minutes ago.

In the framework of the criminal case actual data were obtained on the allegation that the injury incompatible with life was caused to the newly born baby by her grandmother. The latter was today arrested on suspicion of murder.

Note; Everyone charged with alleged crime offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.

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