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Address of the Investigative Committee
46/5 Mamikonyants, Yerevan+374(11) 880-114

Message of Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer of the Republic of Armenia

08.10.2021 18:52

Dear Mr. Kyaramyan,

On behalf of Compulsory Enforcement Service and myself I congratulate You and the employees of the Investigative Committee on the occasion of the day of the employee of the Investigative Committee.

As one of the important links of a state of law the structure headed by You has a key role in the establishment and strengthening of the rule of law in the Republic of Armenia, in the protection of legal rights and interests of the RA citizens, in the effective fight against crime and corruption.

You contribute to the establishment of legality in our country, protection of legal rights of the state and society with your daily tense and responsible work.

I am sure that with Your professional knowledge and consistent work You will be able to exercise the authorities assigned to You by the Constitution.

Congratulating once more on the day of professional holiday I wish You and all the employees of the Investigative Committee peace, health and good service for the sake of the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian people.

With respect,

Sergey Meghryan

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