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Address of the Investigative Committee
46/5 Mamikonyants, Yerevan+374(11) 880-114

Congratulation of Chairman of RA Anti-Corruption Committee

08.10.2021 18:33

Dear Mr. Kyaramyan,

I warmly congratulate You and the whole staff headed by You on the occasion of the day of the employee of the Investigative Committee and the 7th anniversary of the structure.

As one of the bodies having a crucial role in the law enforcement system the Investigative Committee contributes to ensuring the legality, strengthening the rule of law in the country, fight against crime, protection of the interests and rights of the citizens.

It is obvious that the employees of the Investigative Committee, realizing the significance of the assumed responsibilities, set the wholehearted service and devotion to work as a guideline for daily work. I am sure that the structure headed by You with its consistent work will from now on contribute to enhancement of confidence towards the law enforcement bodies having the will, impartiality and high professionalism necessary for the investigator’s hard and responsible work.  

The RA Anti-Corruption Committee, as a newly established body, is interested in establishment of efficient cooperation with the law enforcement bodies and I hope that in the framework of it a basis for active cooperation will be created with the RA Investigative Committee, as well to provide a new quality of detection of violations and investigation.

I wish all of you health, endurance and new professional achievements.

Chairman of the RA Anti-Corruption Committee,

third class state councilor of justice

S. Khachatryan



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