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Address of the Investigative Committee
46/5 Mamikonyants, Yerevan+374(11) 880-114

Congratulatory Message of RA Special Investigative Service

08.10.2021 18:21

Dear Mr. Kyaramyan,

On behalf of all the employees of the RA Special Investigative Service and myself I warmly congratulate You and the whole staff of the structure headed by You on the day of the employee of the RA Investigative Committee and the 7th anniversary of the establishment of the structure.

The Investigative Committee is entrusted an important mission to ensure and strengthen the legality in our country, to fight against crime, to protect the legal interests and rights of the state and citizens.

Valuing the achievements and deeply realizing the significance of the hard and responsible work taken up by You, I am absolutely sure that the professionalism of the employees of the RA Investigative Committee, their experience and devotion will best contribute to the solution of any problem the structure is facing and overcoming the challenges.

I wish all of you success, welfare and new achievements in all the spheres of life.


Carrying out duties of the Chief

of the RA Special Investigative Service,

third class state councilor of justice

V. Hovhannisyan



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