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RA IC Chairman Instructed to Study Undisclosed Criminal Cases Initiated on Particularly Grave Crimes, Especially Murders Committed Years Ago under Conditions of Uncertainty, to Reconsider Evidence

01.08.2018 19:14

Meeting headed by the RA IC Chairman Hayk Grigoryan was held today at the RA Investigative Committee during which the functions of the Department of Support to Investigation of Criminal Cases, its role in professional support to investigators engaged in criminal cases investigated in territorial subdivisions were discussed.

“The content of functions of Department of Support is just in its name; we must support the investigators investigating criminal cases. Currently, the number of criminal cases investigated in the proceeding of the Investigative Committee is unprecedentedly large and still there is a tendency to increase. Every day we receive dozens of applications from citizens on apparent crimes with corruption manifestations and we are obliged to mobilize our abilities and provide the comprehensive and objective investigation of each criminal case within reasonable terms”, said IC Chairman.

Studies show that the criminal cases initiated recently mostly refer to economic crimes, swindling committed from state budget with corruption manifestations.

“There are tens of thousands of documents confiscated only within one criminal case which are subject to investigation but the investigation of that criminal case cannot last for years. Proper conduction of pretrial proceeding shall be provided within each criminal case in reasonable terms. We must be able to find out the real circumstances of apparent abuses, squanders as soon as possible, the real volume of damage caused to the state if it is grounded, those related, involved in possible corruption schemes and to give appropriate legal assessments to their actions”, mentioned the IC Chairman instructing the department to use its scientific potential to provide practical support to investigators.

H. Grigoryan attached importance to development of investigation methodology, tactical new approaches conditioned with peculiarities of criminal cases which will help investigators be flexible in planning their day-to-day investigative activities.

IC Chairman also referred to works done to disclose particularly grave and grave crimes and emphasized the necessity of effective and targeted application of available criminological possibilities.

He instructed the employees of the Department of Support to Investigation of Criminal Cases to leave for the scene if particularly grave and grave crimes are recorded and just at the scene during the inspection to provide the investigator with practical support with application of technical capabilities of the Investigative Committee.

“Majority of investigators is young but we have also experienced investigators and the Department of Support to Investigation of Criminal Cases shall support the investigators with theoretical, criminological knowledge of its employees which will contribute to improvement of their professional skills”, mentioned Hayk Grigoryan.

At the same time the RA IC Chairman instructed the department to study the undisclosed criminal cases initiated on particularly grave crimes, especially murders committed years ago under conditions of uncertainty, to reconsider the evidence with application of modern capabilities of expertise center.

IC Chairman stated that during these years the technical capabilities have evolved quite well and that potential shall be used to disclose the murders committed.



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