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Address of the Investigative Committee
46/5 Mamikonyants, Yerevan+374(11) 880-114


Disciplinary Commission consists of 8 members; they are one of the Deputies Chairman of the Committee appointed by the Chairman of the Committee, 3 officials of the Committee selected through a ballot and four representatives appointed by the RA Government.

Disciplinary Commission is managed by the Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee involved in the Commission.

The members of the Commission are independent. Any interference in the implementation of their functions is prohibited.

The task of the Commission is;

  • To promote the formation of high moral standards of the official of the Committee, to strengthen the service discipline, to prevent disciplinary violations and to abolish their causes, 
  • To provide the independence of the official of the Committee and protect his rights,
  • To prevent the possibility of subjecting the official of the Committee to groundless disciplinary liability.

The commission

  • Considers the motions on institution of a disciplinary proceeding,
  • Gives conclusions,
  • Makes procedural and basic decisions,
  • Implements authorities provided by Law, this procedure and other legal acts.

The work of the Commission is organized through sessions.

The session of the Commission is valid if at least 5 members of the Commission are present at it. The session is headed by the Head of the Commission, in case the latter is absent the session is headed by one of the members of the Commission by the instruction of the Head.

The member of the Commission does not take part in the decision-making on subjecting his close relative, who is an official of the Committee, to disciplinary liability. The member of the Commission, selected through a ballot from the officials of the Committee, does not take part in decision-making on subjecting himself to disciplinary liability.

The issues on organization of the work of Commission, stages of service examination, consideration of motions on institution of a disciplinary proceeding, types of decisions made by the Commission are defined by the procedure of formation and activity of Disciplinary Commission of RA Investigative Committee confirmed by the order of the Chairman of RA Investigative Committee.