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Address of the Investigative Committee
46/5 Mamikonyants, Yerevan+374(11) 880-114


The formation procedure of the Disciplinary Commission is defined by the Article 15 of RA Law “On RA Investigative Committee”.

According to it, the Commission consists of 8 members; they are one of the Deputies Chairman of the Committee appointed by the Chairman of the Committee, 3 officials of the Committee selected through a ballot, two representatives of the Office to the President and two of the Staff of RA Government, appointed by RA President and RA Prime Minister, respectively. The members of the Commission are appointed for three years.

The members of the Commission are independent. Any interference in the implementation of their functions is prohibited.

The head of the Commission is chosen from the members of the Commission by majority of the votes of the members of the Commission.

The structure of the Disciplinary Commission was confirmed by the order N 13Ա of November 17, 2014, order N 32 Ա of June 13, 2016, order N 17-Ա of February 9, 2017, order N 113-Ա of August 17, 2018 of the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee. The head of the Commission was chosen at the first session of the Commission by its members.


Head       Ayvazyan Arsen


Grigoryan Ambakum – RA Investigative Committee

Torosyan Karen -  RA Investigative Committee

Ayvazyan Perch  - RA Investigative Committee

Torosyan Hamazasp  – Staff of RA Prime Minister

Chngryan Naira – Staff of RA Prime Minister

Hovhannisyan Armen  -  RA Ministry of Justice

Baklachyan Gor -  RA Ministry of Justice

Vardanyan Artur -  Deputy Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer