Procedure of reception of citizens
Procedure of reception and consideration of applications

The procedures of reception of citizens, reception and consideration of applications and complaints in RA Investigative Committee are defined by the order N 40 Լ of the Chairman of RA Investigative Committee A. Hovsepyan “On confirming the procedure of reception and consideration of applications and complaints, reception of citizens in the Investigative Committee of the RA”.  

Procedure of reception of citizens

The reception of citizens in Central Office of RA Investigative Committee is organized by the Division of Reception of Citizens of Administration of the Committee, in other bodies or subdivisions of the Committee it is organized by a person in charge.

For reception the citizens can be registered in written form - through official e-mail or official website, as well as orally, including on the phone. While being registered the citizen is informed about the date of reception, if necessary, the position, title, name and surname of the official who is going to receive the citizen.

Depending on the urgency of the solution of the issue, the reception of a person can be organized without registration, urgently by the consent of the official who is going to carry out the reception.

The reception of Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, those who have participated in military operations for protection of the Republic of Armenia, minors and pregnant women, as well as high-ranking officials is organized in a special order.

The reception of foreigners or those who do not have citizenship is carried out in the order defined for citizens of the Republic of Armenia.

Reception of citizens can be rejected if the issue or request in question is obviously beyond the competences of the Committee. In such cases the possibility of applying to other competent bodies to solve the mentioned issue is explained to the citizen orally or in written form.

The authorized official makes registration about the reception of the citizen in the register book of reception of citizens.

Reception and consideration of applications

The applications are received in person, through post, letter box, electronically (through official e-mail or official website) or through fax.

The application is submitted in written form and shall include;

applicant’s name, surname, in case of legal entity - its full name,
applicant’s address (location of legal entity),
name of the body, subdivision the application is submitted to,
request or/and subject matter,
list of the documents (if there are any) to be enclosed to the application,
date, month and year of forming the application,
signature of applicant, in case of legal entity – signature of authorized official.

 If the issue submitted to RA Investigative Committee is beyond the competences of the Committee, it is forwarded to the competent body within three days notifying the applicant of it.  

If the issue of the application is beyond the competences of the Committee, as well as of any other state institution, after receiving the application and the documents enclosed, if there are any, the application is returned to the applicant within three days mentioning the reasons in the written response.

The application is not subject to consideration 1) if it has been submitted without a signature and after taking measures to find the applicant the latter has not been identified, 2) if there is a written refusal of the applicant from his application, 3) if a written response on the issues of the application has been given before in the result of consideration of a similar application, with the exception of cases when a second application on the same issue is submitted to the superior body of the Investigative Committee.

The applications the texts of which are illegible or incomprehensible are entered in the given order and within three days the applicant is informed of the necessity of clarification of the application text in written form.

If the applicant submits a clarified application, it is considered as a new application.

The applications without signatures including information on allegedly committed or prepared crime, if it is impossible to identify the applicant, are sent to the competent body to be checked in the order defined by law.

The consideration of the applications is carried out as soon as possible without waiting for the expiration of the deadlines provided in the given order if there are necessary materials for clarification of factual circumstances significant for the issue mentioned in the application, the circumstances of the case are sufficiently corrected and there is no need to carry out additional actions.

In the result of the consideration of the received application a reasoned response is sent to the applicant. Provisions of legal acts on the issues of the application can be interpreted in the response, if necessary.

The examination of the application is considered completed and the issue solved on the day of sending a written response to the applicant.